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228113-032-V570 Colour Monitor (15in.) (MPR II) (2

309834-B23-Servernet Interconnect Cable Kit - 4m

306558-B21-ProLiant 3000 & 5500 Redundant Fan

155370-B21-PL CLSTR U/100 KIT ALL

309833-B22-Compaq ServerNet PCI Adapter

159226-001-MEM DIMM 128MB SDRAM

331825-021-MON V7550 TCO NH 2TONE


D7174A-18GB H/S Ultra2 SCSI low profile D

AA704A-"XW5000,2.66GHz,512MB,80GB IDE,WinXP,EU

269086-B25-256MB DDR Memory Module (PC2100) (ECC

242704-002-Rack-Mount UPS 1500VA


237046-021-ProLiant ML350 (G2) Hot Plug Redundant

296435-B38-"Server Keyboard, INTL, Compaq Carbon

169940-001-Blanking Panels

301857-B25-Battery:Li-Ion Battery standard

120300-003-ProLiant Power Cord C13 Straight

117647-B21-PL6400/6500 PIII X500/512K Processor

143397-031-DL380/PL1850R Hot Plug Redundant Power

286778-B22-"72.8GB Pluggable Ultra320 SCSI 15,000

480083-021-ML370/PL16/12/2500 Hot-Plug Redundant

113771-B21-Compaq Serial-PS/2 Standalone Smart

155223-B21-ProLiant 5500 & 6400 Pentium III Xeon

328581-B21-256-MB EDO Memory Expansion Kit (4 x

105739-031-DL580/6400R Hot Plug Redundant Power

313614-B21-64-MB SDRAM

480083-001-ML370/PL1600/PL1200/PL2500 RPS US

232432-B22-"72.8GB Pluggable Ultra3 SCSI 10,000 rpm

242317-B25-CD-RW Drive - N150

480083-031-ML370/PL1600/PL1200/PL2500 Hot-Plug

263872-031-JBL SPEAKERS UK

158395-B21-ML370/PL1600/PL2500 48V DC Hot-Plug

295564-B21-Drive Covers 1.6 inch (7 pack)

166054-B21-ML530 PIII Xeon 800/133 Processor Kit

189632-003-External Standard-to-Wide Cable (12ft.)

C5707A-"hp dds-2 data cartridge, 8GB Offers 8GB

401703-B21-64-MB 100MHz unregistered ECC SDRAM

336357-B21-9.1-GB 1-inch Pluggable Wide-Ultra

D6107A-HP 9.1GB 10K H/S Wide Ultra2 SCSI

C5707A-"hp dds-2 data cartridge, 8GB Offers 8GB

237046-031-ML350 G2 Hot Plug Redundant Power

309055-B21-"NVIDIA GeForce2 MX400, 32-MB, DDR, GPU


234219-B21-8 Cell LiION Battery

122660-036-Easy Access Keyboard UK Opal

271030-B21-PCI Extender

C4425A-"HP Colo DT-8000 Data Cartridge, 4/8 GB

286692-001-40GB 7200-rpm Hard Drive


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