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A2588A-512MB memory board for T-class

A2589A-768MB memory board for T-class

A3763A-512MB memory kit for N-class

A3737A-512MB memory kit

A4517A-256MB memory kit

A5797A-512MB memory kit

A5962A-2GB cache memory kit for XP512

A5963A-256MB share memory module for XP512


A6097A-2GB kit for rp7410/rp8410

A6098A-4GB kit for rp7410/rp8400

A6114A-2048MB memory kit for A/rp24xx

A6187B-1024MB cache module

A3700A-Model 12H with dual 96MB controllers

A3714A-18GB 10k rpm disk

A4997A-9GB 10k rpm disk

A4998A-18GB 10k rpm LVD disk

A5272A-SureStore SC10 w/ dual bus

A5276A-9GB for L/SC10/HVD10

A5277A-SureStore FC60 with dual 256Mb

A5289A-36GB 7200 rpm disk

A5505A-9GB for N/rp7400

A5968A-73GB array group

A6218A-VA7410 array processor

A6261A-VA7100 with dual 256MB cache controllers

A6267A-VA7410 with dual 1GB cache controllers

A7285A-73GB 10k rpm hotplug

A7207A-73GB 10k rpm

A7080A-146GB 10k rpm disk

A3646A-4GB SE hotplug

A3713A-9GB 10k rpm hotplug

A3703A-9GB 7200rpm hotplug for 12H

A3647A-4GB hotplug for jamaica

A3724A-10-port short-wave FC hub

A4902A-E41 cabinet w/ rear door

A5171A-N-class red power supply

A5527A-L-class red power supply

A1299A-fx10 graphics

A4554B-fx6 graphics

A6388A-HF2 8-port Fibre switch module

A6384A-HyperFabric2 Fiber 8 Port Chas

A6386A-PCI HyperFabric2 Fiber Adapter


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