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8189-A2U-08-USA-NV/TC M50 P4 2.4GHZ 256MB

8189-B4U-01-USA-TC M50 P4 2.53GHZ 256MB 40GB

8189-D1U-08-USA-NV/TC M50 P4 2.60MHZ 256MB

8189-DEU-08-USA-NV/TC M50 2.66GHZ 256MB

8189-E1U-08-USA-TC M50 P4-2.8GHZ 256MB 40GB

8189-NUL-01-USA-TC M50 P4-2.66GHZ 512MB 40GB

8194-A1U-08-USA-NV/TC M50 P4 2.4GHZ128MB

8194-A2U-08-USA-NV/TC M50 P4 2.4GHZ 128MB

8194-A4U-08-USA-TC A50P P4-2.24GHZ 128MB 80GB

8194-D4U-08-USA-NV/TC M50 P4 2.66GHZ 128MB

8194-KUD-01-USA-TC M42 P4 2.4GHZ 256MB 40GB

8194-KUE-01-USA-TC A50P P4 2.53GHZ 40GB 48X

8195-A2U-08-USA-NV/TC A50P P4 2.66MHZ 128MB

8195-F2U-01-USA-NV A50P P4 3.06GHZ 128MB 40GB

8195-F3U-01-USA-NV A50P P4 3.06GHZ 128MB 80GB

8199-36U-01-USA-TC A30 CEL 2.2GHZ 128MB 40GB

8303-26U-04-USA-NET P4 2.0GHZ 256MB 40GB 7200

8303-52U-04-USA-NV M42 P4-1.8GHZ 256MB 40GB

8303-G1U-01-UK-NV P4 2.0GHZ 512MB 40GB

8305-61U-08-USA-NV P4 2.53GHZ 256MB 40GB

8305-D2U-01-USA-NV M42 P4-2.8GHZ 256MB 40GB

8305-XX1-08-UK-NV M42 PIV2.0GHZ 256MB 40GB

8307-43U-08-USA-NV P4-2.4GHZ 256MB 80GB

8310-48U-01-UK-NV P4-2.4GHZ 256MB 120GB

8310-91U-01-USA-NV P4-2.66GHZ 256MB 120GB

8310-95U-01-UK-NV A30P P4 2.66GHZ 256MB

8310-A2U-01-USA-NV P4 3.6GHZ 256MB

8310-XX2-08-USA-NV A30P P4-2.0GHZ 128MB 40GB

8311-62U-01-USA-NV P4 1.8GHZ 128MB 80GB

8317-LUM-01-USA-NV CEL 1.8GHZ 256MB 40GB

8319-46U-01-USA-NV P4-2.4GHZ 256MB 40GB

8432-94U-08-USA-TC A50P P4-2.6GHZ 256MB 40GB

8476-16X-06-UK-NET3000 PII300 64MB 4.51GB

8476-20X-06-UK-NET3500 PII350 64MB NO HD

8476-21X-06-UK-NET3000 PII350 64MB NO HD

8476-30X-06-UK-NET3000 PII400 64MB NO HDD

8476-31X-06-UK-NET3000 PII400 64MB 9.1GB

8476-40U-06-USA-NET3000 PII450 512KB

8476-40X-06-UK-NET3000 PII450 64MG OPEN BAY

8476-41X-06-UK-NET3000 PII450 64MB 9.1GB

8476-50U-99-USA-NET3000 PIII500 64MB 32X CD

8476-50X-06-UK-NET3000 PIII500 64MB NO HD

8476-51X-06-UK-NET3000 PIII500 64MB 9.1GB

8476-51X-99-UK-NF 3000 PIII 500MHZ 64MB 9.1GB

8476-60U-99-UK-NET3000 PIII550 64MB

8476-70U-06-USA-NET3000 PIII600 64MB

8476-70U-99-USA-NET3000 PIII600 64MB

8476-71U-06-UK-NET3000 PIII600 64MB

8476-71U-99-USA-NET3000 PIII600 64MB

8476-80U-06-USA-NET3000 PIII650 64MB NO HD

8476-80U-99-USA-NET3000 PIII650 64MB NO HD

8476-81U-06-UK-NET3000 PIII650 128MB 9GB

8476-81U-99-USA-NET3000 PIII650 128MB 9GB

8476-90U-06-USA-NET3000 PIII700 256M 64MB NOHD

8476-90U-99-USA-NET3000 PIII700 256M 64MB NOHD

8476-91U-06-USA-PIII700 128MB 901GB 40X 256K

8476-91U-99-UK-PIII700 128MB 901GB 40X 256K

8477-11Y-06-UK-NET1000 PIII500 64MB NO HD

8478-42X-99-USA-XSERIES 200 PIII800 256 128MB

8480-3AX-08-UK-XS 205 P4-2.4GHZ 256MB OB

8480-42X-08-UK-XS 205 P4 2.67GHZ 256MB 36.4GB

8480-4AG-08-UK-NF XS205 P4-2.6GHZ 1GB OB

8480-4AX-08-UK-XS 205 P4 2.67GHZ 256MB PC2100

8480-5AX-08-UK-XS 205 P4 2.8GHZ 256MB NO HDD

8480-6AX-08-USA-X205 PIV3.06GHZ 256MB


8602-61U-01-USA-WORKPAD C500 33MHZ 8MB PALM

861040-0000-01-UK-QUICKCAM WEB

8640-21Y-99-UK-SERVER330 PII333MHZ 64MB ECC

8640-EM2-99-UK-PC SERVER 300 PP200

8640-ES2-99-UK-SERVER330 PP200 32MB NHD

8640-ESS-99-UK-SERVER 330 PP200 32MB

8640-PB0-99-UK-SERVER325 P266 32MB NHD

8645-21X-99-UK-XS220 PIII800 128MB 18.2GB

8645-21X-99-USA-XS220 PIII800 128MB 18.2GB

8645-41X-99-USA-NET PIII933 128MB 256K

8645-4AX-99-USA-X220 PIII933 128MB 4GB U160

8645-5AX-99-USA-X SERIES 220 PIII 1G 128MB 0GB

8647-22G-01-UK-XS X2.0GHZ 512K 256MB 36.4GB

8647-22X-08-USA-XS 225 XEON 2.0GHZ 256MB 36.4

8647-2AX-01-UK-XS225 X-2GHZ 512MB OB

8647-2AX-08-USA-XS225 X-2GHZ 512MB OB

8647-32G-01-UK-XS X2.4GHZ 512K 256MB 36.4GB

8647-3AX-08-USA-NF XS225 P3-X2.4GHZ 512MB OB

8647-52G-01-UK-XS225 P2.8GHZ 512K256MB 36.4GB

8647-52X-01-USA-XS P2.8GHZ 512MB 256MB 36.4GB

8647-5AX-08-USA-XS225 X-2.8GHZ 512MB OPEN BAY

8647-5BX-08-USA-XS 225 XEON 2.8GHZ 2X 256MB

8647-62X-08-USA-XS 225 XEON 3.06GHZ 2X128MB

8647-6AX-08-UK-XS X3.06GHZ 512K 512MB OB

8647-6AX-08-USA-XS X3.06GHZ 512K 512MB OB

8653-51Y-99-UK-NF4000R PIII650 256MB 9.1GB

8653-61Y-99-UK-NET 4000R 2XPIII650 256KB 512M

8654-11Y-99-USA-XSERIES 330 PIII800 256K 256MB

8654-42G-99-UK-P3 933GHZ 512MB 4X 18.2GB

8655-12Y-06-UK-PIII500 128MB 1GB ECC

8655-31Y-99-USA-NET3000 M10 PIII600

8656-1RY-06-USA-NET 4500R PIII733 256 ECC NOHD

8656-1RY-99-USA-NET 4500R PIII733 256 ECC NOHD

8656-2SG-99-UK-NET4500R PIII667 256MB 2X9.1GB

8656-3RY-99-UK-NET4500R PIII800 256K 128MB

8656-4RY-06-USA-NET4500R PIII866 256K 128MB

8656-4RY-99-USA-NET4500R PIII866 256K 128MB

8656-5RY-08-UK-NET4500R PIII933 128 NOHD RACK

8656-5RY-99-UK-NET4500R PIII933 128 NOHD RACK

8656-5RY-99-USA-NET4500R PIII933 128 NOHD RACK

8657-21Y-06-UK-PIII667 128MB ECC 2GB

8657-21Y-99-UK-PIII667 128MB ECC 2GB

8657-41Y-99-USA-NF 3500 M20 PIII800 128MB NOHD

8658-41Y-06-UK-NET5100 PIII866 128 ECC NO HD

8658-51Y-06-UK-NET5100 PIII933 128MB NO HD

8658-61Y-06-USA-X230 PIII 1GHZ 128MB 0HD (F1Y)

8659-12Y-99-UK-NET5000 PII350 64MB

8659-1SY-06-USA-NET5000 PII350 64MB NO HD

8659-22Y-06-UK-PII400 64MB ECC 1GB 32X NHDD

8659-22Y-99-USA-PII400 64MB ECC 1GB 32X NHDD

8659-2SY-06-UK-NET5000 PII400 64MB

8659-2SY-99-USA-NET5000 PII400 64MB

8659-31Y-99-UK-NET5000 PII450 64MG NO HD

8659-3RY-06-UK-NET PII450 64MB SVR RACK

8659-3RY-06-USA-NET PII450 64MB SVR RACK

8659-3RY-99-UK-NET PII450 64MB SVR RACK

8659-41Y-06-UK-NET5000 PIII500 128MB

8659-41Y-99-UK-NET5000 PIII500 128MB

8659-41Y-99-USA-NET5000 PIII500 128MB

8659-4RY-06-USA-NET5000 PIII500 128MB NO HD

8659-4RY-99-USA-NET5000 PIII500 128MB NO HD

8659-51Y-06-USA-NET5000 PIII550 128MB OPEN BAY

8659-51Y-99-UK-NET5000 PIII550 128MB OPEN BAY

8659-5RY-06-UK-NET5000 PIII550 128MB NO HD

8659-61Y-06-UK-NET5000 PIII600 128MB NOHD 32X

8659-61Y-99-USA-NET5000 PIII600 128MB NOHD 32X

8659-6RY-06-UK-NET5000R PIII600 512KB 128MB

8659-6RY-06-USA-NET5000R PIII600 512KB 128MB

8659-6RY-99-USA-NET5000R PIII600 512KB 128MB

8659-71Y-06-USA-NET 5000 PIII650 128MB NO HDD

8659-71Y-99-USA-NET 5000 PIII650 128MB NO HDD

8659-7RY-06-UK-NET5000 PIII650 128MB NHD

8659-7RY-99-USA-NET5000 PIII650 128MB NHD

8659-81X-08-UK-PIII700 256MB 3L RAID 4.5G HD

8659-81Y-99-USA-NET5000 PIII700 128MB OPEN BAY

8659-8RY-06-USA-NET5000 PIII700 128MB NO HD

8659-8RY-99-USA-NET5000 PIII700 128MB NO HD

8660-11X-06-UK-NET5500 PII350 512KB 128MB 0HD

8660-1RU-06-USA-NET PII350 128MB 1GB NO HD

8660-42U-99-USA-NET5500 PII400 128MB NO HD

8660-4RU-99-USA-NET5500 PII400

8660-52X-99-UK-5500 PII450 256MG 10/100 E-NET

8660-6RU-99-USA-NF5500 PIII500 128MB NO HD

8660-6SX-99-UK-NET5500 PIII500 256OBW

8660-7SU-99-UK-NF5500 PIII550 256MB NO HD 32X

8661-11Y-06-UK-NET5500 PII400 XEON 32X 512KB

8661-2RY-06-UK-NET5500 PII400 128MB NO HD

8661-3RY-06-USA-NET5500 PII450 128MB NO HD

8661-3RY-99-UK-NET5500 PII450 128MB NO HD

8661-4RY-06-UK-NET5500 M10 PII450 XEON 128MB

8661-51Y-99-UK-NF5500 M10 PIIIX550 256M TOWER

8661-5RY-99-UK-NET5500 M10 PII550 XEON 256MB

8662-31Y-06-UK-NET5500 512KB 256MB SCSI

8662-31Y-06-USA-NET5500 512KB 256MB SCSI

8662-3RY-06-USA-NET5500 M20 PIII500 256MB

8662-3RY-99-UK-NET5500 M20 PIII500 256MB

8662-3RY-99-USA-NET5500 M20 PIII500 256MB

8662-41Y-06-USA-NET5500 M20 PIII500 256MB

8662-4RY-06-UK-NET5500 M20 PIII500 XEON 256MB

8662-4RY-06-USA-NET5500 M20 PIII500 XEON 256MB

8662-4RY-99-USA-NET5500 M20 PIII500 XEON 256MB

8662-51Y-06-UK-NET5500 PIII550 XEON 256MB 4GB

8662-51Y-06-USA-NET5500 PIII550 XEON 256MB 4GB

8662-5RY-06-UK-NET5500 M20 PIII550 XEON 128MB

8662-5RY-06-USA-NET5500 M20 PIII550 XEON 128MB

8662-5RY-99-UK-NET5500 M20 PIII550 XEON 128MB

8662-5RY-99-USA-NET5500 M20 PIII550 XEON 128MB

8662-61Y-06-UK-NET5500 PIII550 XEON 256M NOHD

8662-61Y-06-USA-NET5500 PIII550 XEON 256M NOHD

8662-6RY-06-UK-NET5500M20 PIIIX550 256MB NOHD

8662-6RY-06-USA-NET5500M20 PIIIX550 256MB NOHD

8662-6RY-99-USA-NET5500 PIII550 XEON 256M NOHD

8664-1RY-06-USA-NF 5600 PIII 533MHZ 128MB OB

8664-21Y-06-UK-NF 5600 PIII 600MHZ 128MB OB

8664-21Y-99-USA-NF 5600 PIII 600MHZ 128MB OB

8664-2RY-06-USA-NET5600 PIII600EB 128MB

8664-2RY-99-USA-NET5600 PIII600EB 128MB

8664-31Y-06-USA-NET5600 PIII667 256MB NO HD

8664-3RY-06-USA-NET5600 PIII667 256M 4GB NO HD

8664-3RY-99-USA-NET5600 PIII667 256M 4GB NO HD

8664-4RY-99-USA-PIII733 256MB 4G b40X

8664-51Y-99-USA-NET5600 PIII800EB 256MB NO HD

8664-5RY-99-USA-NET5600 PIII800EB 256MB NO HD

8664-7RY-06-UK-NF5600 PIII933EB 256MB 5U RACK

8664-7RY-06-USA-NF5600 PIII933EB 256MB 5U RACK

8664-7RY-99-USA-NF5600 PIII933EB 256MB 5U RACK

8665-1RY-99-USA-NET7600 PIII550 XEON 1MB NOHD

8665-4RY-99-USA-PIII866 256MB 4GB W/ULTRA2

8665-61Y-99-UK-PIIIX700 100MHZ 512MB SDRAM

8666-1RY-99-USA-NET 7100 PIIIX550 256MB NO HDD

8666-4RY-99-USA-NF 7600 PIII X700MHZ 256MB O/B

8668-21X-99-USA-XS232 PIII 1.13GHZ 256MB

8668-22X-01-USA-XS232 PIII1.13GHZ 512MB OB

8668-2SX-99-USA-XS232 PIII 1.13GHZ 256MB OB

8668-42X-08-USA-XSERIES 232 PIII1.26GHZ 256 MB

8668-42X-99-USA-XSERIES 232 PIII1.26GHZ 256 MB

8668-RA1-01-UK-X323 PIII1.13GHZ 512MB NO HDD

8669-1RX-99-USA-XS342 PIII 1G 256MB (2X128MB)

8670-31X-08-USA-X345R PIVX2.4GHZ 512MB 512KB

8670-51X-08-USA-NF XS345 X2.67GHZ 256MB OB

8670-6CG-08-UK-XS345 P4-2.8 XEON 1GB NO HD

8670-G1X-01-USA-XS 345 XEON 3.2GHZ 1MB L3

8670-G1X-04-USA-XS 345 XEON 3.2GHZ 1MB L3

8670-M1X-08-USA-XS 345 XEON 2X 3.06GHZ 2X 256

8670-W1T-01-USA-XS 345 2X XEON 2.4GHZ 512MB

8671-11X-01-UK-NF XS235 PIII1.8GHZ 256MB OPEN

8671-11X-01-USA-NF XS235 PIII1.8GHZ 256MB OPEN

8671-1AX-08-UK-X235 XEON 1.8GHZ 512K 512MB

8671-1AX-08-USA-X235 XEON 1.8GHZ 512K 512MB

8671-21X-08-USA-XS235 X-2GHZ 256MB OB

8671-22X-08-USA-XS235 X-2GHZ 256MB OB

8671-2AX-08-USA-NF XS235 X2GHZ 512MB OB

8671-31X-01-USA-NF XS 235 2.2GHZ 256MB PC2100

8671-4AX-08-USA-X235 PIIIX2.4GHZ 512MB NO HDD

8671-6AX-01-USA-XS 235 XEON 2.67GHZ 2X 256MB

8671-7AX-01-USA-XS235 XEON 2.8GHZ 512MB OB

8672-21X-01-USA-XSERIES 300 C800 128MB

8672-2AU-08-USA-C800 256MB 21-21GH 24XCD

8673-4AX-08-USA-XS305 P4-2.4GBH 256MB 36.4GB

8673-73X-08-USA-XS305 P4 2.8GHZ 256MB 18.2GB

8674-31X-01-USA-PIII1.26GHZ 256MB 0GB HDD

8674-31X-99-USA-PIII1.26GHZ 256MB 0GB HDD

8674-41X-06-UK-NF XS330 PIII 1.4GHZ 256MB OB

8674-41X-06-USA-NF XS330 PIII 1.4GHZ 256MB OB

8674-41X-08-USA-NF XS330 PIII 1.4GHZ 256MB OB

8674-43X-06-UK-X330 PIII1.4GHZ 256MB 18.2G

8674-43X-06-USA-X330 PIII1.4GHZ 256MB 18.2G

8674-4AX-06-USA-XS 225 1X 2.67GHZ XEON 256MB

8675-4MX-01-UK-XSERIES 330 PIII 1.4GHZ 512MB

8675-4MX-06-USA-XSERIES 330 PIII 1.4GHZ 512MB

8676-11X-08-USA-NF XS335 X-DP2.8GHZ 512MB OB

8676-11X-99-USA-NF XS335 X-DP2.8GHZ 512MB OB

8676-12X-01-USA-XS 335 XEON 2.8GHZ 512MB NO HD

8676-12X-08-USA-XS 335 XEON 2.8GHZ 512MB NO HD

8676-1AX-01-UK-XS335 XEON 2.8GHZ 512MB OB

8676-1AX-01-USA-XS335 XEON 2.8GHZ 512MB OB

8676-1AX-08-USA-XS335 XEON 2.8GHZ 512MB OB

8676-21X-08-USA-XS335 XEON 3.06GHZ 512MB OB

8676-41X-04-USA-XS335R XEON 2.0GHZ 512MB

8676-42X-04-USA-NF XS335 X2GHZ 512MB 40GB

8676-42X-08-USA-NF XS335 X2GHZ 512MB 40GB

8676-61X-01-UK-X335R XEON2.4GHZ 512MB 18.2GB

8676-62X-08-UK-XS 335 XEON 2.4GHZ 512MB 40GB

8676-62X-08-USA-XS 335 XEON 2.4GHZ 512MB 40GB

8676-71X-04-USA-XS335 X-2.6GHZ 512MB OB

8676-81X-01-USA-XS335 XEON 2.8GHZ 512MB OB

8676-81X-08-USA-XS335 XEON 2.8GHZ 512MB OB

8676-82X-08-USA-XS335 X-2.8GHZ 512MB 40GB

8676-L1X-04-USA-XS 335 XEON 2.8GHZ 512MB NO HD

8676-L2X-08-USA-XS 335 XEON 2.8GHZ 512MB 40GB


8677-2XX-01-USA-BLADE CENTRE 2X1800W H/S P/S

8677-2XX-08-USA-BLADE CENTRE 2X1800W H/S P/S

8678-21X-08-UK-IBM HS20 1X XEON 2.0MHZ 512MB




8678-51X-08-UK-HS20 2.6GHZ 512MB 512/0GB

8680-2RU-06-USA-NET7000 M10 PIIX400 256MB NOHD

8680-2SY-99-USA-NET7000 M10 PIII550 XEON 256MB

8680-3RU-06-USA-NET7000 P450 512KB 256MB 32X

8680-4RU-06-UK-NET7000M PII450 IMG XEON 256M

8680-5RU-06-USA-NET7000 M10 PII450 XEON 256 32

8680-6RY-06-UK-PIII500 XEON 256 8 NO HD U/W

8680-6RY-99-UK-PIII500 XEON 256 8 NO HD U/W

8680-6RY-99-USA-PIII500 XEON 256 8 NO HD U/W

8680-7RY-06-UK-NET7000 M10 PIII500 XEON 256MB

8680-7RY-99-USA-NET7000 M10 PIII500 XEON 256MB

8681-2RX-01-USA-XS370 PIIIX700 512MB 0GB HD

8681-3RX-01-UK-X370 PIIIX900 512MB 0GB RACK

8681-3RX-01-USA-X370 PIIIX900 512MB 0GB RACK

8681-6RY-99-USA-NET8500R PIII550 XEON 512MB

8681-7RY-99-UK-NET8500R PIII700 XEON 512 NOHD

8681-7RY-99-USA-NET8500R PIII700 XEON 512 NOHD

8681-8RY-01-USA-NET8500R PIIIX700 2MB 512 NOHD

8682-1RY-99-UK-NET6000R PIII700 XEON 512M

8682-1RY-99-USA-NET6000R PIII700 XEON 512M

8682-2RY-99-USA-PIIIX700 512MB 10/100 40X RACK

8682-4AX-08-USA-XS350 PIIIX700 512MB 1MB NO HD

8682-4RY-99-USA-X350 PIII700 XEON 512MG

8682-5RY-99-USA-X350 PIIIX700 512MB 0GB RACK

8682-6RY-01-UK-X350 PIIIX900 XEON 2MB 512MB

8682-6RY-01-USA-X350 PIIIX900 XEON 2MB 512MB

8682-6RY-99-UK-X350 PIIIX900 XEON 2MB 512MB

8683-1RX-01-USA-XS380 TT-733MHZ 1GB (2X)36.4GB


8685-5RX-01-USA-XS 1X 9.1GHZ XEON MP 1MB

8685-61X-01-USA-SX 225 2.0MHZ XEON MP 1GB

8685-6RX-01-UK-XS 225 2.0MHZ XEON 1GB 0GB HDD

8686-1RQ-01-USA-XS 360 2.0GHZ XEON 1GB NO HDD

8686-1RQ-08-USA-XS 360 2.0GHZ XEON 1GB NO HDD

8686-1SQ-01-USA-XS360 2X-XEON GALL 2GHZ 1GB OB

8686-2RQ-08-USA-XS 360 2XXEON MP 2.5GHZ 2048MB

8686-2RX-06-USA-XSERIES 360 2XPIVX 1.5G 2028MB


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