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Inostor; InteliNAS Network Attached Storage  

 9 to 5 Computer distributors of data storage drives, tape libraries, storage media and archival solutions.

InoStor; Raidn, LTO Tape Drives

NAS Appliance

RAIDn Secured For Absolute Protection Against Data Loss

  • Up to 1.3TB of Capacity
  • SCSI Interface
  • iRep Integrated Replication
  • Features RAIDn - eliminates the "window of vulnerability" experienced with multiple drive failures


Choosing the right Network Attached Storage appliance is a complex decision, how do you get maximum data protection without sacrificing reliability, availability, capacity or performance? InoStor's InteliNAS, featuring our patented revolutionary technology RAIDn, has simplified that decision; you only need to choose how much protection you want and how much capacity is needed.

Find out more about RAIDn. RAIDn Secured for all your NAS  (Network Attached Storage) equipment.


Features & Benefits

  • Our self-healing RAIDn gives you the highest availability plus support for standard RAID levels 0,1,4,5 and 0+1. With RAIDn, users select a RAIDn value equal to the number of disk failures they want to protect against. Our patented algorithm eliminates the requirement for a hot spare, allowing the user to utilize the additional disk drive as an active contributor in the RAID set.

  • The InteliNAS 6000 model provides up to 882GB of disk storage and an optional internal tape backup ( using SLR or SDLT technology).

  • The InteliNAS 9000 model gives you up to 1.3TB of disk storage (up to 2.6TB with an expansion chassis), and can be attached to tape autoloaders or libraries via a SCSI connection.
  • Cross-platform support for heterogeneous Windows, UNIX, Macintosh and Linux, plus HTTP & FTP support provide seamless integration. An easy-to-use GUI is provided via our iceNAS software, making setup effortless and quick.

  • iRep integrated replication provides efficient periodic synchronization of file data with other InoStor NAS appliances over Internet Protocol networks. iRep delivers higher availability.

  • Maximum productivity is delivered with front-loading, hot-swap 10,000 RPM SCSI drives, redundant fans and redundant power supplies.

  • Backup and restore is made fast and easy utlizing NDMP and Snapshot technology gives you point-in-time image of the file system.



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