Tandberg SLR100 Tape Drive


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Tandberg SLR100 Tape Drive  

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Tandberg SLR100 Tape Drive
Tandberg SLR100 Tape Drive
150% increase in transfer rate & twice the capacity of earlier SLR™ tape drives.For high end NT/UNIX workstations, entry level NT and NetWare PC servers, small NT and UNIX midrange computers the high capacity Tandberg SLR100 tape drive is ideal.

The Tandberg SLR100 Tape Drive offers 100GB* storage capacity and up to 36GB/hr* transfer rate. The soft-load mechanism prevents unauthorized access and allows integration into SLR automation products.

The standard 5.25-inch half-height form factor Tandberg SLR100 tape drive can be installed, connected and operating in no time at all.

Broad support provides software compatibility with almost every system available today.

VR2 EnabledThe SLR100 Tape Drive incorporates the VR2™ (Variable Rate Randomizer) technology developed by Overland Data, which significantly increases the native capacity and native data transfer rate performance of linear tape technologies without requiring any changes in tape path design, recording heads and/or media.

The Tandberg SLR100 tape drive features a variable data transfer rate with "auto-sense" capabilities which allows the tape drive to adjust itself to the host bus, yielding optimal system performance. This feature of drive intelligence is combined with in-line compression, enabling hardware compression before it enters the buffer, thereby freeing valuable storage capacity. Additionally, the combined support of the SCSI Ultra2 Wide LVD/SE interface allows for maximum performance when connected to either a Ultra 2 wide single ended or LVD bus.


Key Facts:
- Up to 100GB with 36GB/hr
  transfer rate
- Avg. file access 58sec,
  media load time <30sec
- Backward Compatible
- Superior reliability
  (<1.5% field returns)
- Supports SCSI Ultra2 Wide
  LVD/SE interface
- VRČ enabled
- Variable transfer rate with
- 8MB buffer
- Broad platform, operating system
  and 3rd party tape application
- Integration into Automation products
- 3-year warranty
- Utilizes highly recognized Linear   Recording Technology

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