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How to Install RAM Memory
These instructions will work for the majority of PCs running Microsoft Windows, But because Pc's vary too much for this guide to fit all computers. Remember: If possible, do your installation in an uncarpeted area. Try to be careful and not to touch any chips, and touch as little as possible on the inside your computer.

Tech information: Memory often is called RAM, for random access memory. Main memory is called RAM because you can randomly (as opposed to sequentially) access any location in memory. When we talk about a computerís memory, we usually mean the RAM or physical memory in the system, which is primarily the memory chips or modules used by the processor to store primary active programs and data. This often is confused with the term storage, which should be used when referring to things such as disk and tape drives (although they can be used as a form of RAM called virtual memory).

1. You should shut down (Turn off) your computer, unplug your computer power cable. You can leave or disconnect all peripheral devices, such as your monitor, scanner, from the your PC. I leave all devices and cables plugged in and unplug the power cable only. Because it only takes me one minute to install a memory stick and twenty minutes to unplug and re-plug all peripheral devices and cables. Related how to choose the right amount of RAM page.

2. Now you need to remove the computer's cover, read your computer manual if you don't know how to remove the Pc cover. This is a good time to take a good look inside your computer. If it's dirty and full of dust you may want to unplug all cables and take it outside and blow it clean with a can of compressed air. You can buy cans of compressed air from favorite computer store or from the Internet. Related how to clean your Computer tip page.

3. The computer is power off and the power cable is unplug and the cover is removed. You may want to lay you computer on it's side, this will make it easer to work on.

4. You need to ground yourself (removes static) before you handle your memory stick. I do this by touching the metal part of the computer case. You can do the same as I do or you can buy yourself professional grounding equipment.

5. Locate the memory module(s) you wish to remove. Push down on the latches, located on both sides of the module, to gently eject it from the slot. Grasp one edge of the module and lift it out. Store the module in a static-free bag.

*Buying refurbished can be better than buying new because flaws have been found and fixed, once it is deemed to be complete and in good working order it is repackaged to be sold at a lower price as refurbished.


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KTS7001/128 128MB UPGRADE FOR SUN ULTRA 1 SERIES computer memory