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DataGauss hard drive degausser

DataGauss - Compact Pulse Discharge Hard Drive Degausser

The DataGauss is the most powerful compact continuous hard drive degausser in the Verity Degausser
delivers state of the art pulse discharge technology to achieve a complete secure erasure. Media that can
be erased includes both Hard Drives that use Perpendicular and Longitudinal recording techniques up to
5000 Oersted's and all common backup tapes.

DATAGONE hard drive degausser DATAGONE - Automatic Pulse Discharge Hard Drive Degausser
The DATAGONE is a fully automatic degausser for Hard Drives and Backup tapes. It uses pulse
discharge technology and is fully processor controlled which enables the DATAGONE to offer a
complete and secure erase. Capable of securely erasing Hard Drives that use both perpendicular and
logitudinal recording techniques up to 5000 Oersteds and all common backup tapes.
V91 Max

V91 Max - Most powerful, manual hard drive degausser

The V91 Max is the most powerful manual hard drive degausser, designed to fully and
securely erase computer hard drives and DLT tapes. With an incredible 7000 gauss,
this degausser is also capable of erasing tapes, Audio, DAT, VHS and S-VHS,
VHS Digital, 4&8mm, Beta SP/digital, video cassettes, floppy disks. Computer
cartridges: DC, TK 50/70/85, DLT 3489/3490/3590.

V660 HDD Evo

V660 - Hands free, high energy hard drive degausser

The fastest hard drive degausser in its class, the V660 Evo will erase a hard drive
 in only 20 seconds. The V660 Evo delivers quick, reliable and HANDS-FREE 
degaussing and hard drive data destruction.

SDD Master SDD Master - NSA Approved hard drive degausser

The NSA APPROVED SDD Master is a high energy, hard drive pulse degausser designed
 to offer complete and secure erasure of magnetic media, to the highest certified level,
including perpendicular recording hard drives. The SDD Master is also capable of
erasing data storage media including LTO, 8mm, DDS and more.