Ultra320 SCSI Host Adapter


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Ultra320 SCSI Host Adapter  

 High-performance, 320 MBytes/s Host Bus Adapter, ideal for high-end workstations, servers, and power users. Features seamless backward compatibility with Asynchronous, Slow, Fast, Ultra, Wide Ultra, Ultra2 and Ultra3 devices.

The P79320 incorporates the LSI 53C1020 controller which provides many benefits including:

SureLINK™ is the control for Ultra320 SCSI Domain Validation manageability enhancements in the LSI 53C1020. This is the very latest SCSI interconnect management solution. It verifies that the system is capable of transferring data at Ultra320 speeds, allowing it to negotiate to lower speed and bus width if necessary.
LVDlink™ Technology Benefits:

The P79320 supports LVD, a signaling technology that increases reliability of SCSI data transfers over longer distances than are supported by Single-ended (SE) SCSI. The low power requirement of LVD allows the I/0 transceivers to be integrated directly onto the ASIC. LVDlink™ technology lowers the amplitude of noise reflections and allows higher transmission speeds. LVD provides a long-term migration path to even faster SCSI transfer rates without compromising signal integrity, cable length, or connectivity.
          TolerANT™ Technology Benefits:

TolerANT™ technology includes active negation on the SCSI drivers and input signal filtering on the SCSI receivers.
The benefits of TolerANT™ technology include increased noise immunity when the signal transitions to HIGH, better performance due to balanced duty cycles, and improved SCSI transfer rates.
Status LEDs for System Information
The Paralan Host Bus Adapter (HBA) includes three LEDs on the board to provide system information. The "Bus Activity" LED blinks with bus activity. This can often be used along with LEDs on drives or SCSI expanders to diagnose the location of a problem. This LED includes header pins that may be used to power a remote LED.

The HBA Terminator Status LED illuminates when the terminator on the HBA is enabled. This provides the user information on correct termination of the SCSI bus.

The HBA Board Status LED provides an indication of the status of the HBA. When the board is working correctly this LED blinks on/off on a 1 to 2 second cycle. If the board detects a problem this LED blinks a series of long and short pulses. If the LED does not blink at all, it has detected a major problem.

For a printable version, please see the PDF of this data sheet. Software downloads for the Ultra320 SCSI Host Adapter.

Parallel data transmission rate (sustained): 320 Mbytes/sec (16 bit)
SCSI Devices Supported: 16
32- or 64-bit PCI DMA bus master (up to 133 MHz)
Single Channel:
Multimode LVD/MSE interface supports LVD (up to Ultra320) or Single-Ended (up to Ultra)
68-pin High-Density (Alt 3, "P" Connector) internal and external
Automatic or Manual
Regulatory Compliance:
CE, FCC class B
5 V dc ± 5% @ 3A from PCI bus
If the PCI bus has 3.3v available, the P79320 will use it in order to improve efficiency.
Operating Temperature:
Storage Temperature:
-25° to +75°C
Relative Humidity: 5-95% non-condensing
0.25 lbs (0.1kg); 2 lbs. (1kg) shipping
7.00 inches x 4.25 inches (17.8 cm x 10.8 cm) Short PCI Board
Device Support:
OBDR (tape booting) and bootable CD-ROM
General Characteristics:
Data Protection:
Domain Validation
Domain Validation Management
500,000 Hours
Term Power Manager:
Auto Resetting integrated circuit breaker with thermal shut down
Status LEDs:
Bus Activity, HBA Terminator Status, HBA Board Status
PCI 2.2, PCI-X Addendum 1.0a
Install, Flash, SCSI format, BIOS configuration, and NT configuration
Five Years

For complete dimensions see outline drawing.

OEM Custom Inquiries Welcome

~ Product specifications subject to change without notice ~
WINDOWS NT ® 4.0, SP4 and above, 2000, 2000 SP1 and XP PRO
SUN SOLARIS ® versions 2.7 and greater, Open Boot PROM version 3.0 and greater
SOLARIS ® x86 versions 2.6, 2.7 and 2.8
LINUX ® 2.2, 2.4 and 2.6 kernels
UNIXWARE ® 7.1.x
SCO UNIX ® 5.x

Ordering Guide for Ultra320 PCI Host Bus Adapter

Model Number Description
Ultra320 Single channel LVD/MSE SCSI Host Bus Adapter for PCI bus.
Includes CD, 5 connector ribbon cable, terminator, User Manual and Quick Start Guide.
Ultra320 Single channel LVD/MSE SCSI Host Bus Adapter for PCI bus.
Includes Quick Start Guide only.
    For quantity purchases contact Paralan

Options Description
Internal ribbon cable with 5 connectors for P79320-2 HBA
LVD/MSE Terminator for P79320-2 HBA



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